Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2007

From Saturday 08 December 2007 to Saturday 22 December 2007

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Organiser (Guangzhou– English, Chinese, German)
Hanyu Media Co. Ltd

Unit 722 Garden Tower 368 Huanshi Dong Lu Guangzhou
510064 China
Tel: (8620)8333 8999-722
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Fax: (8620) 8365 2633
Organizing Board (Lianzhou – Chinese only)
Lianzhou International Photo Festival Organizing Board

F 8th Tandian Building Panyu Lu Lianzhou
513400 China
email :
Fax: 0763-6661234

Authors : Jan Adriaans - Phil Brook - Catherine Cameron - Eduardo Cervera - Chan-Hyo Bae - Yang Chengde - Revi Deepre - Elaine Duigenan - Ernst Fischer - Nicolai Howalt - Nigel Jackson - Wang Jun - Max Kandhola - Ayoung Kim - Astrid Krusel - All authors.


Third Lianzhou International Festival


The 2007 Lianzhou International Photo Festival is the third edition of this hugely successful event in Guangdong Province, China. It is an annual international festival enabling collaboration between photography, art, sociology, anthropology and urban studies.

Centered on Photography the festival consists of over 90 exhibits that also cover art, video, installations, sound and other forms. Top photographers, artists, and experts from around the world will participate in the exhibition, related forums and screenings. The festival strives to entertain, educate, enlighten and inspire through a programme that is characterised by a high artistic level and a strong academic background. All exhibitions are curated by industry professionals.
Lianzhou International Photo Festival aims to create a positive image of Lianzhou nationally and internationally, and to promote development and investment in the area.



Gallery Photo Festival 1
Gallery Photo Festival 1
Gallery Photo Festival 1
Gallery Photo Festival 1
Gallery Photo Festival 1



International Photo Festival

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