Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2008


Live from China "Image crisis"


See you in China, where the festival Lianzhou just start talking to an image of the crisis to turn the workshop of the world. The construction of buildings seems stopped in Canton. The region of Guangdong in southern China, which hosted nearly 20% of migrants, referred the most precarious in rural celebrate a little early in the new year. With 23 million people are without work in China, the crisis is yet to come. Jin Jiangbo had sensed early on, since one year he photographed the empty factories of Dongguan. Before bankruptcy, they produced toys or clothing which has slowed the demand on the planet. The photographer who exhibits at Lianzhou - in an old factory! - And just get the grand prize of the festival tied with Dan Luo. Luo we met in 2006, continued this time from south to north, a road movie in the form of haiku full of tenderness. Through the lens of these photographers, the Chinese visitors are aware of the consequences of the transformation of China that affect the global society as a whole. "Mills are each similar to a district government" describes Jin Jiangbo denouncing the system of concentration of these giants workshops where thousands of migrant workers.

The festival Lianzhou establish an interesting analogy between the global economic crisis and the more moral that hits the market for contemporary art. On this ground also, nothing is more, its artistic director is Duane Yuting. Photography without investing in Chinese thought the speculative field of contemporary art, has lost its roots. By restoring a major documentary photography, the 2008 wants to mark a break with the frenzy of creation meaningless art studios in Beijing. Emphasizing the process of shooting, the festival is rich in both contemporary and historical discoveries - especially the'80s rarely showed - which the Chinese regard as privileged westerners. The way to resume contact with reality is also a formidable re-appropriation of his Chinese identity.

If photography is alive and well in China, the identity dehumanises in France: in the context of the modernization of the passport, nearly 8000 photographers who risk losing control of the target replaced by robots administration. The identity crisis is biometric.



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