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Photos of Mo Yi pointing his finger on the switch of China, where economic openness allows the enrichment of a small number but leaves the most misery. Instant or arrested, where the old values are shorter (the bowl of rice with iron), but not new; sensitive eyes of a photographer outside the two standard cruxiales years 1988-1990. These faces in the bus before symbolize this time out, people waiting to receive the crumbs of growth.

And today, after twenty years of economic development, what is it? How photographers bring their contemporaries, their environment? Witness the living conditions of left out of growth, the migrants, searching for new values, stage of life through the idealized economic boom, closed in haste factory trace of damage, pollution, left in the wake of development. A society that seeks, seeks new values seem to photographers.
Borrowed nostalgia among Luo Dan. It captures the loss of old values of a China that darkens to a materialism échevelé.

Working memory, quasi-ethnographic people Wu Zhu Mu Xin Inner Mongolia A Yin. For twenty years, it lists, and keeps track of memory usage and customs, lifestyles of a population threatened with extinction because of the deterioration of their traditional lifestyle consequence of economic development. By theme, horses, dogs, women and children, since documented more than twenty life of a people to the disappearance.
Reaction to the news of the economic crisis Jing Jiangbo. He photographs in March Dongguan plant after closure. A series of large format color printing. Machines, tables, chairs, worker, workers, activity that is left as waste, leftovers, which was abandoned in the wake of a move in haste.

In black and white or color, in a documentary style, or more abstract, photographers paint a portrait of a China with a thousand faces, all of their way to photograph contemporary perspective to this new China emerged after twenty years of the period Force, with the slogan, Chinese enrich you! and after? seems to ask.

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