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In the Communist camp, Shi Shao Hua (extraordinary moments), VIP party, a close friend of Mao Zedong and his last wife Jiang Qing starlet photographed China in the early hours of the struggle. The red army troops in ambush, a volley between two warriors, the soldiers marched as one man, looking toward a better tomorrow Tiananmen Square in Beijing on 1 October 1949, followed or preceded by General Zhu De as a convertible. Mao faithful since the Long March in 1934, founder of the Red Army. It will be all the fighting. In the nationalist camp, among the photos taken by men of Chiang Kai Chek when defeated by the communists, they exile on the island of Taiwan and founded the Republic of China in feats of arms but the hunt for traitors. In 1947, a general trembling which is executed in public; Yuan Tsung How was tried for complicity in the massacres of Nan Jing (Nanjing).

And, in 1939, Mao talks with farmers in Yan'an in Shanxi province. This province is the end point of the long march undertaken by Mao and his troops in 1934 forced to flee by the nationalist troops of Chiang Kai Chek. Photos of Shi Shaohua form the core icons of the communist revolution.
Later, a few pictures recall life in China in 30 years. Two stars, Yen Chin and Wang Mei Zen pose on the bumper of a car while waiting to attend a basketball game in 1934 in Nanjing, capital of nationalism.
Against one of these two exhibitions, the view of Zhou Haiying photographer. He photographed his contemporaries of 40 years in the second half of the 21st century. Four beautiful endimanchées pose an afternoon of 1949 Bei Hai Park in Beijing, vendor on Lan Xiafeitang in Shanghai, the parade to commemorate the 10 anniversary of the death of his father, the writer Luxun in Shanghai. ... The life of each and others, famous or anonymous photographed on an equal footing.
The other flagship documentary exhibition of the festival was almost decade 1979-1986. Ten years during which China opens up and towards the market economy. Li Xiao Bin capture this wind of freedom blows on the Chinese. (Transforms in china 1976-1989). The joy of the Chinese re discover the ball (the dancing was seen as a small town during the Cultural Revolution and therefore prohibited). The garment is different: blue Mao suit replaces the orange, red or yellow anorak Kway, sunglasses appear and the first advertisements in the streets of Beijing in 1976, 1985, a parade of the famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent, in parks, young people play the guitar and déhanchent. The body is dropped, the faces smiling, lovers walk hand in hand, a company revives pleasures individual.

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