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Rich in over eighty exhibitions, including twenty-four non-Chinese photographers, the fourth edition of international festival of photography Lianzhou reviving one of the fundamentals of photography: photo documentary and all broke with conceptual and / or artistic previous years. Photos from 30 years to the founding of the People's Republic of China, 79-86 years, two sections of Chinese contemporary history were honored.

What these photographs show us, what historical commissioners have preferred? What choices do they have operated in the collections. What these pictures tell what portion of history, the curators Bao Kun and Li Xianting have chosen? In the next part of Jiang Wei devoted to contemporary photographs provide the questioning of authors in their society, the consequences of the so-called "special economic. The Chinese are looking at the past Part documentary photography sweeps China for 20 years to end 80 years except for the decade after the Cultural Revolution (1966-1969).

Two collections one Chinese and one Taiwanese are press photography 30 years to 1949. In 30 years, China is divided into three parts. One controlled by warlords, the other by the Kuomintang capital with Nan Jing (Nanjing), until their departure, the last under control among other things a certain Mao Zedong and his faithful general Zhu De was established in Chong Ging. From the collection of Taiwanese Feng Qin, the photo back in 1937 by General Hu Chan (Hucheng) Yang and his family is emblematic. General Yang Hucheng belonged to the militant nationalist faction of the united front to face the Japanese threat. In December 1936, General Yang is involved in the kidnapping of Chiang Kai shek in Xi'an which results after ten days and a few twists to an agreement between Nationalists and Communists. In 1937 the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party joined forces for the second time against the Japanese who then complete the occupation of China. The outcome of the Sino Japanese war ended by the establishment of the People's Republic of China in mainland China in 1949 and the Republic of China on Taiwan. This Sino Japanese War (37-49) is a part of history brothers enemies.

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