Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2006

From Saturday 05 December 2006 to Saturday 20 December 2006
Lianzhou City - Guangdong Province, China

Rendezvous in Lianzhou


Located at the southern foot of the Wuling Mountains in the northwest corner of Guangdong Province where Guangdong, Guangxi and Hunan meet, the Lianzhou region covers an area of 2,663 km2 and is home to 520,000 souls. Its age-old customs and traditions can be traced back to China’s Central Plaines, and since the Qin and Han dynasties, the city has been a land and waterway communications hub, making it a doorway to China’s South. Lianzhou is a city of historical and cultural import whose poetic charm has inspired many Tang and Song dynasty poets, including Tang poet Liu Yuxi, who once praised Lianzhou as being “prettier than a painting”. The 2005 Lianzhou International Photo Festival was created with the aim of placing Guangdong Province on the cultural map. By combining thematic discussions, academic exchange, and photographic creation and exhibitions, the first edition fulfilled its mission to establish an influential international Chinese photo festival and a first-rate international cultural event of cultural, economic, professional and market impact. Already, Lianzhou is being termed the “Pingyao of the South” in the photography world after the photogenic ancient city in the North, and the Lianzhou International Photo Festival has established itself as a rendezvous that should mark the cultural calendar for the coming decade.

This year’s edition of the International Photo Festival coincides with Lianzhou’s turn to host the King Pan Festival of the Yao ethnic group, therefore, the municipal government decided to hold the two celebrations at the same time: The Photo Festival will open on December 5th, while the King Pan Festival will commence on the 6th. This will provide experts, academics, delegates from the photography world and locals with a photography and Yao ethnic culture feast for the eyes. As everyone knows, the Internet has already become a popular means to widening one’s horizons. The Festival’s official website provides the latest and most detailed information on festival trends and developments, as well as a complete overview of Lianzhou’s cultural and economic life. I n the name of the Lianzhou Municipal Government, I wish to welcome guests and photographers from around the world to the Second Lianzhou International Photo Festival. We hope that Lianzhou’s warm welcome, quaint folk customs and superior service make your stay a pleasant one. Lin Wenzhao, Mayor of Lianzhou Municipality August 6th, 2006



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