Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2005

From Sunday 20 November 2005 to Saturday 26 November 2005
Lianzhou City - Guangdong Province, China

Exhibitions and seminars

Lianzhou City, Guangdong, China. +8620 0763 6636571. November 20-26.
Opening: 20 Nov 2005, 3 – 4:10pm

Other participating artists: Gary Knight, Guillaume Herbaut, Paul Fusco, Pascal Convert & Clotilde Viannay, Yves Gellie, James Nachtwey, Olivia Martin-MacGuire, Maggie Steber, Christopher Taylor, Philip Blenkinsop, Steven Dupont


Seminars at Cultural Museum Academic Hall:
21 Nov 2005
9:30-11:30am, New Photography of Europe; 3-5pm, Search Report about Lianzhou Old Villages

22 Nov 2005
9:30-11:30am, Who Reach On Whom; 3-5pm, Playback “Newstreel of Anthropology”

23 Nov 2005
9:30-11:30am, City’s Visual Presentation in Development; 3-5pm, Duality of Images

24 Nov 2005
3-5pm, Photography in Taiwan Contemporary Photography

25 Nov 2005
9:30-11:30am, Position of Pictures in Modern Media; 3-5pm, Image During Childhood

Seminar at Library Auditorium. 1st floor: 24 Nov 2005
9:30-11:30am, News Photography and Society

Culture Square
Jin Feng Lu, Lianzhou, China

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Culture Square, Lianzhou


LIPF 2005

LIPF 2005




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