Lianzhou International Photo Festival

From Sunday 20 November 2005 to Saturday 26 November 2005
Lianzhou City - Guangdong Province, China

1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2005


The 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2005 was brought to life by the Guang Dong Government in order to promote the province as a culturally significant destination. It is intended to shine a light on Lianzhou City its neighboring minority groups and its surrounding ancient villages. It is the first large international photographic festival held in Guang Dong province, with a realization of cooperation between photography art sociology anthropology and urbanization. Based on photography it includes other media art forms such as installation art video design sound and behavior. There are more than 80 exhibits compiled by top- ranking photographers with a strong representation of artists, academics and scholars attending this event... read more >

Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2006

From Saturday 05 December 2006 to Saturday 20 December 2006

Authors : Lionel Antoni - Valerie Archeno - Eric Baudelaire - Salah Benacer - Steven Benson - Laure Bertin - Jean-Luc Bertini - Han Bing - Luo Binhua - Philip Blenkinsop - Changjiang - Song Chao - Yang Chengde - Amy Cheung - Marizilda Cruppe - all authors >

The Second Lianzhou International Photo Festival


Born out of a desire to demonstrate the profusion of photography to be found in China, the Lianzhou International Photography Festival (LIPF) (5-20 December 2006) explores works from a diverse range of national and international practitioners. Accessible only by rough road, Lianzhou is a peripheral town in the province of Guangdong. Located at the foot of the Wuling Mountains - an impressive and surreal landscape - it is situated on the border of Guangdong, Hunan and Guangxi, and forms an important point of traffic between these three provinces.

The festival began in 2005, with the aim of putting Lianzhou on the map. Thematic discussions, academic exchange and photographic display combined to establish an influential international photo festival and a first-rate cultural event of positive economic, professional and market impact for China. Now in its second year, the professional maturity of LIPF belies its youthful standing. Over 80 exhibits, of (mostly) high quality work, enliven the crumbling remains of the town's architectural past. A different theme is applied each year, with 'Dual Visions' having announced LIPF to the world. This year's festival operates under the rubric: 'Origin: Between the Observer and the Observed' - a broad theme used to unite curators from home and abroad and inspiring the display of works by highly esteemed photographers from both east and west... read more >


Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2007

From Saturday 08 December 2007 to Saturday 22 December 2007

Authors : Jan Adriaans - Phil Brook - Catherine Cameron - Eduardo Cervera - Chan-Hyo Bae - Yang Chengde - Revi Deepre - Elaine Duigenan - Ernst Fischer - Nicolai Howalt - Nigel Jackson - Wang Jun - Max Kandhola - Ayoung Kim - Astrid Krusel - all authors >

Third Lianzhou International Festival


The 2007 Lianzhou International Photo Festival is the third edition of this hugely successful event in Guangdong Province, China. It is an annual international festival enabling collaboration between photography, art, sociology, anthropology and urban studies.
Centered on Photography the festival consists of over 90 exhibits that also cover art, video, installations, sound and other forms. Top photographers, artists, and experts from around the world will participate in the exhibition, related forums and screenings. The festival strives to entertain, educate, enlighten and inspire through a programme that is characterised by a high artistic level and a strong academic background. All exhibitions are curated by industry professionals.
Lianzhou International Photo Festival aims to create a positive image of Lianzhou nationally and internationally, and to promote development and investment in the area... read more > financial and technical support for the web project was carried development company K.I. (E.U.) and Veronica Bergman, (R-Estate, Wien, Austria), Victoria Marks (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), Anna Miller (New York, US).

Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2008

From Saturday 06 December 2008 to Tuesday 30 December 2008

Fourth Lianzhou International Photo Festival


As art director of Lianzhou International Photography Festival (LIPF), people often ask me what my standards are.

I explain that their question stems from a misunderstanding of the function of an art director. The art director isn't a judge with a book of laws-even less a quality control inspector-and so he or she has no list of clear standards to go by.

That answer gets me out of a prickly situation, but I know that I've avoided the essence of the question. The reporters and general public don't expect me to list out a series of rigorous standards. What they want to know, what they think they need to know, is as an art director, what are my fundamental ideas and beliefs about photography... read more >


Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2009

From Saturday 05 December 2009 to Thursday 10 December 2009




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International Photo Festival 2009

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